Whiteboard Animation

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What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard Animation is a type of video designed that shows the content is being hand-drawn on white background. It’s a very easy way to communicate with information because the simple graphics are easy to understand. earlier  animations were created by filming someone physically drawing on a whiteboard surface. This process was very time consuming & it also required strong artistic abilities.


The benefits of this this Course

  • They’re memorable, than a talking heads video.
  • They’re versatile. This animations are suitable for any topic.
  • They’re easy to create yourself. Unlike live action video content you don’t need any experience or expensive equipment to create your own
     Students will be able to create an engaging this animation
  • Students will be able to tell stories visually using  animations
  • Students will learn the royalty free websites that can be used for music and images to use when creating  animations

When and where to use Whiteboard Animation?

To describe a topic: if you want to launch a new initiative, product or subject, a this animation can help. The combination of movement, audio and visuals grab attention and keep viewers engaged throughout.

Children  if you are  looking for impressive presentation to your class then whiteboard animations will be your best friend. They’re easy to create in minutes but look like they took hours. Let your animation play in the background while you talk over the top, or record a voice-over to take some of the stress out of presenting.

It is  proven that whiteboard animations improve  can knowledge retention and engage students, but they’re also easy to adapt to the different needs of your students.

Story Tellers: This is best way to describe story with proper movement of your character with music. its hand drawn  way to present the animation gives the best result

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Course Features

  • Lectures 22
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  • Duration 4 Weeks
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English and Hindi
  • Students 271
  • Assessments Yes

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₹ 2,500.00